March 12 – 13
BFI Southbank

After the successful joint festival edition EM15 in Montréal in 2014, ELEKTRA and MUTEK team up once again to organize DIGITAL QUEBEC. This event will include artistic performances, presentations and professional activities, presented under the banner of the BFI’s Sonic Cinema project. At the heart of DIGITAL QUEBEC project lays the presentation of audio-visual performances by Québec artists during two nights. These high-caliber performances will take place in the BFI’s flagship cinema (NFT1), and will showcase the excellence and the expertise of Québec talent in this artistic field.

The International Marketplace for Digital Arts (IMDA), a format developed by ELEKTRA since 2007, will offer deeper insights in the creative exploits of Québec artists and organizations to a professional public with the aim to encourage the circulation of artworks and to stimulate collaborations and co-productions. Via short audio-visual presentations, Québec artists and organizations will showcase their artistic practice and related activities to the public and an audience of selected European professionals.

With the support of Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec and the Québec Government Office in London.

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Tickets will be available on the BFI website from February 10.
BFI members receive priority booking from February 3.
1 show (2 performances) £16
2 shows the same night (4 performances) £25
Pass for 4 shows (8 performances) £40
International Marketplace for Digital Arts (IMDA) Free to attend

Discover the program:

Thursday, 12 March 19:00 NFT1

Dominique T Skoltz, Y2o

UK Premiere: Dominique t Skoltz: y2o - 29 min

Known for her filmic explorations into the contrasts between the intimate and clinical, Dominique t Skoltz presents her new work which studies the subject of troubled love with stunning results.

y2o navigates troubled waters, between suffocation and exaltation, between consummation and relinquishment, between yes and no, from both under the skin and on its surface. This work allows us to see a love on the verge of drifting, a multimorphic cell that is scattered in multiple scenes.

Yan Breuleux, Tempêtes. Photo by Nathanaël Corre.

UK Premiere: Yan Breuleux: Tempêtes - 20 min

Yan Breuleux’s work for this show is inspired by the late work of painter Joseph Mallord William Turner. Presented as a journey through a series of chaotic panoramas undergoing continuous transformations, Tempêtes blends visual synthesis of particle clouds with an electroacoustic composition created in collaboration with cellist Soizic Lebrat.

Thursday, 12 March 21.15 NFT1

Matthew Biederman & 4X, Physical. Photo by Gridspace

UK Premiere: Matthew Biederman & 4X: Physical - 35 min

Matthew Biederman and sound artist 4X dive deep into the physicality of sound and image perception in Physical. Using techniques which overload the eye and ear, the work asks the question of where perception actually occurs – in ones head, or eyes, or ears – or quite likely, it is a more complex relationship than that.

Herman Kolgen, Seismik. Photo by Caroline Hayeur.

UK Premiere: Herman Kolgen: Seismik + Aftershock - 40 min + 12 min

Herman Kolgen has been modelling sumptuous ‘audiocinetic’ sculptures for over twenty years. He presents Seismik, a dazzling, tension-charged performance that taps into seismic waves, frictional resistance and the Earth’s tremor-related phenomena in real-time.

Friday, 13 March 19.00 NFT1

Maotik & Metametric, Omnis. Photo by Marina Garcia Morote

UK Premiere: Maotik & Metametric: Omnis - 30 min

Omnis is a live A/V performance by Maotik & Metametric which takes its inspiration from the concept of ubiquity. The audience experiences a gradually destabilizing environment where the media's flux will be added to each other until reaching the limits between technology and space.

Image by Greg Debicki

UK Premiere: Woulg: Ring Buffer - 45 min

Montreal-based composer and new media artist Greg Debicki presents Ring Buffer, an A/V performance which explores data-bending by modelling sound in 3D. Sounds are sculpted in 3D modelling software using procedural algorithms and then converted to sound using image to audio mapping.

Friday, 13 March 21:15 NFT1

Myriam Bleau, Soft Revolvers. Photo by Séverin Smith

UK Premiere: Myriam Bleau: Soft Revolvers - 20 / 25 min

Soft Revolvers is an audiovisual performance for 4 spinning tops built with clear acrylic by Myriam Bleau. Each top is associated with an ‘instrument’ in an electronic music composition and the motion data collected by sensors – placed inside the tops – informs musical algorithms.

Roger Tellier-Craig & Sabrina Ratté, le Révélateur. Photo by datagarden.

UK Premiere: Roger Tellier-Craig & Sabrina Ratté: Le Révélateur - 25 / 30 min

Le Révélateur's live performance is the result of an intermedial dialogue between Sabrina Ratté and Roger Tellier-Craig. Through the creation of abstract architectural structures and electronic landscapes, Ratté’s video images are in dialogue with the ethereal sounds and futuristic pulses generated by Tellier-Craig.