ACREQ is an organization that presents and promotes digital artworks concerned with contemporary aesthetics in research and experimentation. Through its numerous local, national, and international events and activities, the organization offers optimal dissemination and performance contexts to not only artists and creators in the digital arts but also to those wishing to explore avenues related to their practice, thus providing visibility for hybrid, inter- and multi-disciplinary projects that include a technological dimension.



ELEKTRA is an international Digital art festival presenting artists and works that combine art and new technologies. As a high-calibre Montreal-based cultural initiative, the ELEKTRA Festival is a showcase of local, national and international creation for Montreal's community. On the international scene, ELEKTRA is seen as the ambassador of artistic talents and creativity from Québec. The festival recently presented a series of events like Digital Québec in Paris (FR) in 2011, Brussels (BE) in 2013, while supporting Québec artists presence since 2002 in South Korea, Japan, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Germany, etc.

ELEKTRA is transdisciplinary: it unites creative media, such as music, video, cinema, performance, design, gaming and audio or interactive installation combined with the latest digital technologies. ELEKTRA makes it possible for artists from all over the world to work alongside with researchers, programmers, engineers and technicians that both have interests for digital technologies.