Launched in 2008, Elektra_Lab focuses on the connections between art, science and technology. Depending on the year, Elektra_Lab offers one or more evenings of performances and talks by local and international artists, as well as engineers, scientists, designers and musicians. Elektra_Lab is inspired by the famous 9 Evenings presented in New York City in 1966, where notorious artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, composer John Cage and choreographer Lucinda Childs imagined a series of performances in collaboration with 30 engineers from Bell Labs.


Projet Eva (QC – CA)
Immersive robotic performance

Cinétose is a robotic and immersive performance, the title of which refers to motion sickness. This hybrid creation is a large-scale electromechanical installation made up of steel sheets that are used both as sound instrument and scenic apparatus. Attached to a mobile grid above the spectators, the large metal plates perform a wide range of movements while descending toward the audience… With Cinétose, Projet EVA immerses the public in a unique somatic experience in which robotic choreography gradually generates a loss of spatial bearings.

The Floating Head

Stelarc (AU) & NXI Gestatio (QC – CA)

The 3rd edition of Elektra_Lab addressed the theme of the augmented body with The Floating Head, a new installation by Australian artist STELARC & NXI GESTATIO, a collective formed by Nicolas Reeves & David St-Onge.

Concert night devoted to emerging digital creation

Theme: Space sound

Performances & Video/Music
Improvisation in 1 – BIT, Tristan Perich (US)
Dixit, e jusdem farinae, Félix-Antoine Morin (QC – CA)
Undercovered living polygons, Frédéric Janelle (QC – CA)
De velours et d’acier, Dominic Thibault (QC – CA)
Metastases, Alexander Wilson (QC – CA)
Animation, Portrait D’une Femme, Thierry Gauthier (QC – CA)

Interactivity & new interfaces


Environnements interactifs, Melissa Mongiat (QC – CA)
Nouvelles interfaces et ergonomie, François Aubin (QC – CA)
Jean-Christophe Yacono (Yako) (QC – CA)
Bill Buxton, Principal researcher at Microsoft (ON – CA)
Reactable, Marcos Alonso (ES)
Zack Zettel (QC – CA)
Memorabilia, Vivian Caccuri (BR)
Lynn Hughes (QC – CA)
Absolut machines, Jeff Liebermann & Dan Paluska (US)
Workspace unlimited / Projet Spac[E]scapes, Kora Van den Bulcke & Thomas Soetens (CA/BE)


Augmented make up, Vivian Caccuri (BR) Reactable, Marcos Alonso (ES)
Grace state machines, Bill Vorn, Emma Howes & Jonathan Villeneuve (QC – CA)
Robodrummer, Larockh Grobot (QC – CA)