Featuring 87 artists, including 62 artists from Quebec and Canada and 25 international artists, the BIAN ran at 30 exhibition sites around the city (including Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal (MAC) and Montréal’s Fine Arts Museum) drawing close to 50,000 visitors, not to mention the tens of thousands of passers-by who came to admire one of the six works presented in public space, setting a participation record. It was a thrilling second edition and a resounding success.

“Digital technology is well established in the contemporary art world. With a growing number of artists using these technologies in their practice, soon it won’t be known as digital art, but simply art. The MAC’s welcoming the BIAN marks a movement to a new definition and a rupture of traditional disciplines.” Alain Thibault, Curator and General and Artistic Director of the BIAN